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TTC Accidents

When you decide to use public transport, you think that you are putting your life in the hands of a skilled driver or operator. You don't expect that your daily commute will result in an injury.

Even though public transportation accidents are not as common as car accidents, they do unfortunately happen. In Ontario, dozens of people are injured on buses, subways and streetcars every day. In many cases, the injury is the result of negligence of a driver resulting in a car accident. In some cases, the driver of the bus or streetcar you are on creates a dangerous situation which results in an injury. Some injuries also occur when a person slips and falls on TTC property. Public transit accidents, involving services such as TTC, GO Transit, Vaughan Public Transit, etc. are complex situations often involving a number of parties. They require fast action.

We have vast experience dealing with many public transportation companies, and has the know how to navigate the system and get our clients the compensation that they deserve.

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